Old-Fashioned Romance for Modern Relationships

Many modern relationships would be unrecognizable to couples from the past century, but it does not make them any less real. Couples today have busy schedules, and their roles are more dependent on timing than tradition. Men are more often caring for the children as women have their own careers,

The Stages of Communication Between Couples

Two people who have formed a long term relationship often cite the need for good communication, and the experts agree it is an essential ingredient. There are actually stages couples go through as they learn to understand each other better, and they each have their own unique ways of adapting

A Breath of Fresh Air for a Relationship

Stress is a major factor of life, and it does cause rifts in relationships. Couples who would normally get along without any major issues find they are overscheduled, have little time for each other, and they feel their communication as a couple is slipping. They often discover their relationship is

Modern Experiences for Couples

Before the world was a place where couples had plenty of leisure and privacy, dating mainly consisted of visiting during the weekend. Couples who were courting tended to meet through church, and their only time together was during services and functions. Until they chose to formalize their relationship in matrimony,